30 Min Yoga for Kids and Teens Class with Sean Vigue



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Sean Vigue’s Full 30 Min Yoga for Kids and Teens Class

Looking for more of a challenge? Enjoy my 30 Minute Power Yoga for Kids and Teens Class!

My friends, I’m so honored to have my workout videos followed and practiced in schools across the world! Yoga is essential for building strength, focus, flexibility and balance in students of ANY age. I’ve taught yoga classes to ages 5 to 90 and have seen first hand how quickly people adapt, improve and enjoy these routines. One of my fondest memories of living in Florida (besides doing laps at EPCOT before leading on site Walt Disney World classes as their yoga/Pilates instructor) was teaching yoga classes at the Celebration Montessori School for 2 years and watching how much the students (ages 4-14) looked forward to bending into all those fun poses and postures. EVERYONE benefits from a regular yoga practice…especially students. “Stressed out kids grow up to be stressed out adults” Without this book we will all become stressed out and lethargic 🙂

All my best,
Sean Vigue

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  1. Renee Jurgens06-20-18

    Hello From South Africa
    I love your you tube videos
    Tx so much for sharing
    I am currently studying an vinyasa flow yoga instructors course
    And your videos helps me to put my lessons together……even though I learn all the different moves. It is sometimes tricky to put it all together in a nice flowing lesson
    I would love to purchase your book….
    U r welcome to send me link
    Once again thank you
    For some reason I am not able to comment on your vlogs
    So FYI. N they are appreciated

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