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I created this 7 day flexibility challenge so you can perform all your activities with ease and comfort…whether you’re a beginner, athlete, couch potato, weekend warrior, gym regular or professional ballet dancer – these 7 days of complete stretch/yoga/flexibility routines will challenge, test and alleviate deterioration in your body. You may also increase your Range of Motion (ROM) around your joints and decrease lower back discomfort and pain. Also, keep an eye out for a more positive mood and achieving deeper sleep every night. Stay consistent and you’ll be AMAZED at how you look, feel and move through life. Do this challenge with my groundbreaking 7 Day Pilates Challenge for optimal results! And, for even BIGGER results join my HUGE 30 Day Power Yoga Challenge.

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Day 1 – Morning Yoga Stretch – 7 Day Flexibility Challenge

Day 2 – Full Hamstrings and Hip Stretch – 7 Day Flexibility Challenge

Day 3 – Full Yoga Deep Stretch Flow – 7 Day Flexibility Challenge

Day 4 – Backbends and Inversions Stretch – 7 Day Flexibility Challenge

Day 5 – Stretches for Tight Shoulders and Hips – 7 Day Flexibility Challenge

Day 6 – Yin Yoga Stretch Routine – 7 Day Flexibility Challenge

Day 7 – Gentle Bedtime Yoga Stretches – 7 Day Flexibility Challenge

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  1. Todd Kenman10-28-17

    Enjoyed the first 4 of these this morning! Did them back to back with water breaks in between. Your encouraging avatar (and my developing ability to keep up!) creates in me a hungry determined approach. My hammys, calfs, ankles, and shoulders responded remarkably,

  2. Karen E Vagnoni11-22-17

    Just did the inversion one. I agree it is legendary.

  3. Karen E Vagnoni11-26-17

    Lovin’ this challenge

  4. Karen E Vagnoni11-27-17

    What a Godsend the Tight Shoulders (Day 5) challenge was. I had no idea how much I needed this challenge until I was doing it. Bless you Sean!

  5. Jessy04-19-18

    Just finished day 2 of this challenge. Hips and hamstrings! So good. Needed these stretches. Thanks Sean!

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