The 10 Minute Kettlebell Ab Ripper Workout


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Enjoy the 10 min Kettlebell Ab Ripper Workout and comment (on the video) with your feedback! Scroll below to hear about our ongoing Kettlebell evolution.

Recently I’ve heeded your requests for bringing shiny and sweaty kettlebells into the wonderful world of Sean Vigue Fitness! For the past couple weeks I’ve been studying kettlebell books and manuals, speaking with trainers who love adding kettlebells to their client’s training, watching videos and, of course, practicing with the “bells” themselves.

Since adding them to my workouts I’ve noticed a severe uptick in muscular endurance and cardiovascular efficiency. Last week I filmed my first ever kettlebell workout which my legs are still feeling. Suffice to say I’m super excited to discover where this will lead. Perhaps a new 7 day challenge featuring KB’s, a book combining power yoga and KB training or a new line of SVF shirts featuring clever KB expressions. The skies the limit but one thing is for sure – we are dedicated to disrupting, disturbing and challenging ourselves with each and every workout. The opportunity to move each and every day is a gift and one that I shall never take lightly. Keep the fitness journey alive, my friends!

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