LEG FLUSH Foam Roller Flexibility Routine


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Fascia. What is it? It’s defined on Google as “a thin sheath of fibrous tissue enclosing a muscle or other organ.” Fascia is the next line of defense after our outer layer of skin. We all have fascia in abundance within but what shape is it in? Is it full of adhesions and distortions which prevent proper blood flow, decreased flexibility and dull nerve responses? If your fascia is distorted or restricted you’re opening yourselves to all these problems and more. We can keep our fascia (am I using this word too much?) healthy by eating a clean diet, daily exercise and frequent flexibility trading. Also, you can grab your foam roller and roll away many of these pesky knots and adhesions right now. Fortunately I just created a foam rolling routine which focuses on cleaning out your leg fascia, or as I call it, Leg Flush. Grab your foam roller and let’s go!

Foam Roll away that tension and restore your body where it wants to be…

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Sean Vigue

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