60 Minute TOTAL BODY Yoga Flow w/ Sean Vigue


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My friends, you’ve been requesting longer, more comprehensive yoga videos for awhile and I’m only too happy to comply. There’s something so liberating and inspiring about setting up to film a workout which closely resembles the live classes I teach. I don’t have to worry about the clock, keeping things under a time limit or not getting through all I planned (though, I had written about another 45 minutes to this workout. See the next workout below.). We can just flow and flow and flow until our hearts content. I feel it’s fitness at it’s finest. If you agree please give the video (on youtube) a THUMBS UP and Share it with at least one person who loves a challenge! When you share my work it helps keep these free videos coming…and makes me very happy 🙂

Categorize this flow as a Power Yoga/Hatha Yoga/Restorative Yoga routine. I enjoy combining and adding as much as possible in a short amount of time. And yes, one hour can really fly by when all our senses are engaged in the task at hand. Breath, flow, balance, focus, sweat, awareness – everything mixes together into a delightful salut to our beautiful present time. No distractions and no BS. In todays world of constant distractions yanking us to and fro we need the power of yoga more than ever. With that being said I’m going to drop my other new yoga class The 50 Minute Power Yoga Workout w/ Sean Vigue right below this one. Do them both in tandem if you like, take photos of the experience and share them online. TAG me @seanviguefitness

60 Minute TOTAL BODY Yoga Class w/ Sean Vigue

50 Minute POWER YOGA WORKOUT w/ Sean Vigue

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