Sean Vigue Fitness Update 8/7/17


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My friends, with so much happening at Sean Vigue Fitness I thought a video updating ya’ll would be appropriate. First of all, I hope you have been thoroughly enjoying (and sharing) our new 7 Day Beginner Yoga Challenge. Your feedback has been incredible and I’m fired up to offer this course for total beginners and those wanting a detailed review of many classic yoga poses. Best of all, we get to train, breathe, flow and laugh together as we elevate the quality of our lives with newfound flexibility, balance, control, focus, awareness and stamina. Be a beacon of hope to those around you and share this challenge and your love of movement with them. That’s what I do 🙂

Anyway, back to the new “tell all” video about Sean Vigue Fitness. Click below to hear about some undisclosed topics such as birthdays, Quist Guitar sightings, 2nd printings, Bryan Ferry concerts, why Pilates makes me hard and much more. Enjoy!

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm!
Sean Vigue

Click the photos below and it’s YOURS! Don’t be timid of the title of my bestselling book (now in it’s 2nd printing!), Power Yoga for Athletes – it’s designed for the total beginner to the seasoned athlete. Over 100 poses with bright color photos, descriptions, areas targeted and which sports they most benefit. There’s also 25 complete yoga flows and a training log for each sport. Thank you for making it a bestseller and the #2 best reviewed yoga book on Amazon. Leave YOUR review and let’s make it #1 🙂

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  1. Lisa Ziomek10-13-17

    After completing the 7 day beginner yoga challenge I am confused as to what to go to next. There are so many videos! I get them on my TV off of YouTube. I saw the 7 day sunrise challenge but on the second day I think it says power yoga. Is this the same week’s challenge?

    • admin10-23-17

      Hi Lisa, nice work completing the beginner challenge! I recommend moving onto my 7 Day Yoga Challenge.
      Keep me posted!

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