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Pylata: Intense original bodyweight only workout program which combines the core strengthening of Pilates with the power and control of power yoga and adds Tabata and cardio inspired sequences into an under 20 minute total body workout. Every Pylata workout ends with a flexibility enhancing cool down. Created by Sean Vigue.

Pylata is my baby. It grew out of my subconscious while studying and executing strong, challenging and functional movement. I’ve been creating, filming and teaching Pylata workouts since 2009 with devastating results. By combining Power Yoga, Pilates/Core Training, Tabata, HIIT, Cardio and flexibility training our bodies are challenged through every second and every breath to grow in ways which still surprise me. What do you think of workouts where you NEVER know what’s coming next and require ONLY your bodyweight? Sounds good, doesn’t it! You’ve come to the right place!

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FAT DESTROYER Pylata Workout with Extra Kicks

Pylata INFERNO Workout

Fat Burning Pylata Workout Program

Pylata Fat Melting Cardio, Yoga, HIIT, Core and BURPEE EXPLOSION Workout! (fun title)

CRAZY Fat Kicking Pylata Cardio Core Bodyweight Workout

EPIC Bodyweight Only Workout (this is a Pylata inspired routine)

I hope you don’t sweat too much, my friend

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