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What’s YOUR favorite sport?



Thanks for stopping by, bookmarking and sharing Sean’s Yoga for Sports blog! It is my goal to take your sports requests (keep them coming by commenting below the youtube videos) and make a 10-15 minute yoga video which will give you the tools to be your very best on the field, court, track, road, bike, gym and wherever else you love to move your body and crush the competition. Adding yoga to your cross training will enumerate a serious SPARK to your physical and mental performance and abilities. Bestselling books have been flooding the fitness market to open up the unlimited yoga poses, flows and sequences available to the athlete (of any fitness level) who is HUNGRY to become faster, stronger and more flexible every darn day! Build some serious athletic core strength to top off your sport mastery. Train with me before your rival does.

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*Watch for the videos HERE as they’re posted!

Yoga for Golfers – Sean Vigue Fitness


Yoga for Weightlifters, Bodybuilders and Crossfitters – Sean Vigue Fitness

Yoga for Baseball and Softball – Sean Vigue Fitness

Yoga for Hockey Players – Sean Vigue Fitness

Yoga for Runners/Joggers/Walkers – Sean Vigue Fitness

And, before you click away from these class…I invite you to add the life changing power of Pilates to your training. Here’s two recent “Pilates for Football/Athletes” that will strengthen, build and stretch your entire body.

Pilates for Football Conditioning (part 1)

Pilates for Football Conditioning (part 2)

All my best,
Sean Vigue

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  1. Andie Adolph10-23-17

    Yoga for Taekwon-Do Martial Art Self Defence

    • admin11-03-17

      It’s on the list!

  2. Rasjad10-23-17

    Hi Sean. I’m a beginner at yoga and I’m enjoying your routines. Do you have one for kayaking?

    Cheers, Rasjad

  3. Alex R Fitness11-19-17

    Really like the yoga for weightlifting Sean. Yoga is certainly helping me to improve my mobility and technique for the lifts. Cheers

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