Sean’s Yoga for Kids and Teens 5 Day Series


First off I want to thank YOU for choosing to train with me (and my cuddly dog, Addie). It’s my honor to help you achieve your health and fitness goals and I appreciate the chance to guide you into the life changing (and enjoyable) world of yoga! Scroll down for all 5 Yoga for Kids/Teens videos!

The benefits that yoga brings to kids and teens (ages 3-19) include more energy, strength, focus, balance (mind and body), stress relief, flexibility, improved athletic ability and posture, endurance and better sleep habits. My 5 day Yoga for Kids and Teens series can be done in any space at anytime as all you need is your bodyweight and a comfortable yoga/fitness mat. You can do this gentle series as a class in your curriculum at school, with your teammates and coaches, along with friends, at your favorite gym, with your family, on vacation or wherever else you prefer to take a few minutes each day and improve your mind and body.

I designed these 5 yoga classes to fit perfectly into your school schedule so make sure you share this program with your teachers, principles and administrators. Hundreds of schools around the world have been adding my fitness training programs (yoga, stretching, core workouts, Pilates, Power Yoga) to their schedules with wonderful results…and everyone seems to also have a GREAT TIME. Give me 10-60 minutes a day and you’ll see tremendous improvement on so many physical and mental levels. Are you ready?

This series is constructed to flow Monday through Friday with a new class each day. You may start any day of the week and repeat the 5 days as much as you wish. Send your photos and comments to, post on my Facebook and Instagram, DONATE to support Sean and check in below each video so I know you’re here. When you’ve finished feel free to move onto my full 7 Day Yoga Challenge. Now, let’s begin with Day 1…

Monday – Dogs and Pigeons Class – Yoga for Kids and Teens

Tuesday – Dolphins and Boats Class – Yoga for Kids and Teens

Wednesday – Warriors and Trees Class – Yoga for Kids and Teens

Thursday – Eagles and Wolves Class – Yoga for Kids and Teens

Friday – Stretch and Twist Class – Yoga for Kids and Teens

EXTRA CREDIT: My popular 30 minute Beginner Yoga for Kids and Teenagers Class

EXTRA EXTRA Credit: My 30 minute Power Yoga for Kids and Teenagers Class

I can’t wait to hear your feedback, comments and questions!
Sean Vigue

“Coach Vigue”

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  1. Kathryn03-19-20

    Schools are closed for Corona Virus. In addition to online school work, we’re doing yoga as a family. This is the perfect class for kids–ours are 9 and 11.

  2. Ingrid Kopp03-30-20

    Awesome! I’m missing teaching my yoga class due to quarantine and just did this with my 6 year old!

  3. Marie Buttery04-21-20

    Dear Sean,
    I am so grateful to you and my friend who recommended you. I am doing ( you ought to rename your site for oaps as well as for kids and teens ) the five day challenge for the second time. On both occasions, I found the tree pose hardest (balancing ) but will persist. I have been diagnosed with a form of Parkinson’s where I fall a lot but do not have the shakes for example . Anyway, your exercises is just what I need in this lockdown situation. A big hug and pat for Addie.

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