Sean’s 5 Day Restorative Yoga Challenge


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More info coming. I wanted to get this playlist to you as soon as possible! How many people have you shared my YouTube channel with today? When you finish this challenge jump on my FREE 7 Day Yoga Challenge!

Day 1 – Energy Yoga Flow

Day 2 – Full Hip Stretch Class

Day 3 – MORE Hip and Low Back Stretches

Day 4 – Seated Stretch Class

Day 5 – Yin Yoga Deep Stretch

How do you feel after each class?

Keep me posted,
Sean Vigue

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  1. Jody Plant03-21-18

    I enjoyed this one.

  2. Jackie T08-02-19

    Hi Sean. I’m checking in from Canberra Australia. Love your workouts, especially these seated ones. Many classes have poses where my head is lower than my stomach, which can often give me heartburn. Your many seated classes still give a lot of variety, without the burn.
    Many Thanks

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