One Year Ago Today and Sean’s MASSIVE 40 Min Power Yoga + Pilates Core Challenge


March 8th was the one year anniversary of losing my dad. Everyday since losing him has been full of unexpected feelings and emotions and I can switch from totally content to frustrated, angry and incredibly sad in mere seconds and come out of it totally confused and shaken. I’m told this is normal for people experiencing loss and I realize I’m on a new frontier here. A huge part of me will never really understand what happened and how I’m supposed to feel…but that’s ok and I understand more and more each day how blessed I was to have him.

Click the photo to see my dad’s top 3 golf exercises. And yes, he was a U.S. Army veteran, 3rd Armor Division and served in Germany during the 1950’s. What a guy!

So, since he always loved to film with me I thought we’d do a BIG workout today. How does 40 minutes of Power Yoga and Pilates flows sound to you? Sounds great to me. I also had a chance to speak about my dad, his illness and many other memories I was fortunate to have with him the past 42 years. I was truly blessed to have him. I will love him always and forever. Until we meet again…

I hope you enjoy the video and please leave your feedback and questions below the video. If you’d like to share something about a parent I’m honored to respond. Thank you for your support. Now, are you ready to flow, sweat, curse and breathe with me as I attempt (unsuccessfully) to dodge Addie and her bold advances? Let’s go!

Sean’s MASSIVE 40 Min Power Yoga + Pilates Core Challenge

I hope this flow leads you to some great things, my friend. God Bless.

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  1. Melissa Bender03-20-18

    I’m glad you are filled with so many wonderful memories of your father. That is a wonderful legacy.

    Sending love from the Bender family. ❤️

  2. Elena D03-20-18

    My dear Mr. Fitness,

    As you were honored to have Mr. Bob as your Dad, he too was honored to have such an incredible son and best friend in you. His immeasurable pride and love for you showed through his beaming smile!

    You, Miss Bev, and your family are never far from my prayers.

    Elena (from your WDW classes)

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