Merry Christmas Power Yoga to You!


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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Sean Vigue Fitness! Thank you for another extraordinary year of health, fitness, training, challenges, podcasts, books, results, set backs, joy and every other way we attempt to measure time…in this case January 1st-December 31st, 2018. I hope and pray that 2019 will bring lots of the same. I truly appreciate your support and enthusiasm of my brand (and Addie!) and hope we never lose this excitement for fitness and life. We are blessed to be able to train and work together. I have a great gift idea/stocking stuffer for you too which will make people really smile and think, “What a thoughtful and practical gift!”. Give the gift of my all levels yoga book this year.

Here’s my Christmas Power Yoga Extravaganza class. Consider it one of my Christmas gifts to you this season. Enjoy the music too!

If you enjoyed the flow, energy, challenge and total body conditioning of that then you’ll REALLY want to jump on my free 30 Day Power Yoga Challenge! Click the photo.

And…I want to celebrate the season with you in a couple more videos…and the Sean Vigue Podcast (new guests every week!) Do you enjoy the “12 Days of Christmas”? Well, here’s the 12 PLANKS of Christmas. Be careful…this one jump around a lot and might cause severe fitness joy.

Finally, we come to my year end Power Yoga BLOWOUT! Not much to say about it but a lot to do so let’s get flowing.

Wait, are you BRAND NEW to my yoga classes and training? I highly recommend hopping aboard my gentle 7 Day beginner Yoga Challenge. It’s a lot of fun and features some darn pretty locations.

And, last but certainly not least (well…), here is my classic Singing Christmas Workout. I trained and worked as a dramatic baritone and by golly I’m going to burst forth in Christmas Carol joy during my workouts. This video is from my days living in central Florida, hence the shorts.

Have a safe and joy filled season, my friends.

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