Sean’s 7 Day Fat Burning Challenge


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Welcome to 7 days of EXTREME FAT BURNING using only your bodyweight. Caution: your heart rate will rise and sweat shall pour forth when doing these quick burst workouts. Listen to your body and enjoy the wild ride.

Train with me every darn day and get the fitness manual to go along with this total body training.

Day 1 – Fat Burning Cardio Workout

Day 2 – Wretched Fat Destroying Workout

Day 3 – HIIT Cardio Blast Workout

Day 4 – Death to Fat – Fat Burning Workout

Day 5 – Freaky Fat Burning Workout

Day 6 – Super HIIT Cardio Workout

Day 7 – CRAZY Calorie Burning Cardio Workout

Thank you for training with me and sharing with others. Check in below each video so I know you’re there.

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