Sean’s 7 Day Morning Yoga Challenge


Happy New Year and welcome to your 7 Day Morning Yoga Challenge! This complete yoga training program was created for EVERYONE. All fitness levels. Beginner to super advanced. Couch potato to member of the Avengers. No weights. No machines. No equipment. Only your bodyweight is needed…and comfortable clothes and a yoga mat. I love when you ‘check in’ below each video and share with friends, family, coworkers and on your social media. Please TAG me @SeanVigueFitness and #SeanVigueFitness and on my Facebook and Instagram pages. It is truly a pleasure to train with you each and every day and stay connected. Are you ready? Bring this book along too….and graduate to my 7 Day Yoga Challenge and 7 Day Bedtime Yoga Challenge when you finish this program.

Oh, for all of my 7-30 day FREE fitness challenges scroll to the bottom of the page.

Day 1 – Sunrise Stretch

Day 2 – Dynamic Stretch

Day 3 – DEEP Stretch

Day 4 – Energy Flow

Day 5 – Standing Flow

Day 6 – Pilates Stretch

Day 7 – FULL Body Flow

Keep me posted!

Here’s your complete menu of all my training programs! Scroll down and click the photo to begin each one today.

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  1. Iain Beath01-23-19

    Finding the 7 day yoga and other challenges transformational – can touch my toes with straight legs for first time since i was 15 and it felt very different playing tennis after doing the yoga challenge for a few days

  2. AImee02-09-19

    Sean…thank you for all of this….great flows, amazing energy!

  3. Michael wehr04-05-19

    I’m a 56 year old triathlete and just finished the 7 day challenge, wow what a difference after 1 week. Thank you.

    • admin04-07-19

      Nice work, Michael!

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