Power Yoga Weight Loss and Strength Challenge


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Are YOU looking for a new challenge? I just put together these two POWERFUL Power Yoga routines which have the feeling of a fitness rollercoaster with twists, turns and surprises at every corner…I want to do them with YOU. Sound good? “Check in” below each video when you lay down your mat and right before hitting “play” so I know we’re doing it together. It’s very important to me that you do this each and every time we train together via our screens. Thanks!

Power Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga for Strength and Balance

Pay special attention to your thoughts, breath and focus while soaring through these flows. Not soaring yet? You will but it takes practice, consistency and a lot of towels to mop up the sweat. Don’t fret though: all that sweat pouring out of you is a badge of honor. For positive change you gotta put in the time and hard work.

After mastering these two flows jump (or Vinyasa) into my 30 Day Power Yoga Challenge and grab the book every athlete needs.

All my best,
Sean Vigue

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