Sean’s 7 Day Bedtime Yoga Challenge


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Welcome to my 7 Day Bedtime Yoga Challenge! These 7 routines are designed to do right before you crawl into bed…or you may do them in bed. Don’t fall off. This challenge was inspired by the great success of my 7 Day Morning Yoga Challenge. Train with me morning, evening and all other times in-between. I don’t mind.

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Day 1 – Standing Stretch

Day 2 – Hip Release

Day 3 – Spine and Back Stretch

Day 4 – Seated Stretch

Day 5 – Yin Yoga Deep Stretch

Day 6 – More DEEP Yoga Yin Stretch

Day 7 – Sleepy Time Stretch

Keep me posted on your progress!
Sean Vigue

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  1. Joel05-14-19

    Thanks for all this good stuff. I’m going for my second week.

  2. Graham09-30-19

    Great videos and very helpful for me. This is my second series that I’m working through and regular sessions is helpful compliment to my cycling. However, I have a question. To go with my cycling I usually do bodyweight exercises, what videos from ur YouTube channel would you recommend to me for bodyweight workouts??


  3. Graham09-30-19

    Great videos, super helpful to go with my cycling!! What videos/workouts from your YouTube channels would u recommend for bodyweight workouts??


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