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The Pilates for Athletes App

BOOST YOUR ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE, STRENGTH, AND POWER WITH PILATES THROUGH GUIDED WORKOUTS WITH THE TRIADXP FITNESS APP. Download it RIGHT HERE. See inside the App HERE. Professional athletes all around the world are taking advantage of the benefits of Pilates. Now leading fitness expert Sean Vigue puts the power of Pilates in the palm of […]


Just in time for summer here’s your 7 Day Power Yoga Endurance Challenge! Are you ready to lose weight, build strength and increase your body’s capacity for endurance and stamina? Join today. The videos are below. When you’re finished with these 7 CHALLENGING bodyweight workouts jump on my 30 Day Power Yoga Challenge. Stay focused […]

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Sean’s 7 Day Bedtime Yoga Challenge

Welcome to my 7 Day Bedtime Yoga Challenge! These 7 routines are designed to do right before you crawl into bed…or you may do them in bed. Don’t fall off. This challenge was inspired by the great success of my 7 Day Morning Yoga Challenge. Train with me morning, evening and all other times in-between. […]

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Power Yoga Weight Loss and Strength Challenge

Are YOU looking for a new challenge? I just put together these two POWERFUL Power Yoga routines which have the feeling of a fitness rollercoaster with twists, turns and surprises at every corner…I want to do them with YOU. Sound good? “Check in” below each video when you lay down your mat and right before […]

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7 Days of the Classic Joseph Pilates 34 Mat Exercise Program

As I begin writing and researching my next paperback, Pilates for Athletes, I have been putting myself through the paces with the original 34 exercise program from the legendary book, Return to Life through Contrology. This workout is not for the faint of heart and it has really humbled and inspired me each time I […]

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Cardio Core HIIT and Power Yoga Workout w/ Melissa Bender

Please welcome the magnificent Melissa Bender to the Sean Vigue Fitness channel as we do another of our Cardio Core HIIT Power Yoga Stretch and more videos! Scroll below the video to see the full list of her exercises and the other EXPLOSIVE videos we have done together. Please check in below the video and […]

ALL of Sean Vigue’s Workout Training Programs

Here’s your complete menu of all my fitness training programs! Scroll down and click the photo to begin each one today. Thanks for training with me and sharing with others.     Did you like this? Share it: Tweet

Sean’s 7 Day Morning Yoga Challenge

Happy New Year and welcome to your 7 Day Morning Yoga Challenge! This complete yoga training program was created for EVERYONE. All fitness levels. Beginner to super advanced. Couch potato to member of the Avengers. No weights. No machines. No equipment. Only your bodyweight is needed…and comfortable clothes and a yoga mat. I love when […]

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Sean’s 7 Day Fat Burning Challenge

Welcome to 7 days of EXTREME FAT BURNING using only your bodyweight. Caution: your heart rate will rise and sweat shall pour forth when doing these quick burst workouts. Listen to your body and enjoy the wild ride. Train with me every darn day and get the fitness manual to go along with this total […]

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Merry Christmas Power Yoga to You!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Sean Vigue Fitness! Thank you for another extraordinary year of health, fitness, training, challenges, podcasts, books, results, set backs, joy and every other way we attempt to measure time…in this case January 1st-December 31st, 2018. I hope and pray that 2019 will bring lots of the same. I truly […]