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Sean Vigue Fitness Makes a Huge Announcement! Look out, Tony Horton…

Somethings cooking in my fitness kitchen…it’s bubbling, forming and getting ready to launch! Watch the video below to learn what I’m planning and comment (on the video) with an awesome name. Won’t say anything else. Click on the video below for more info. Oh, and comment below which workout program you’ve done that’s your favorite […]

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Brand New Book: Sean Vigue’s 30 Days of Yoga!

I’m pleased to announce my new eBook for Amazon and iTunes: Sean Vigue’s 30 Days of Yoga. Own your copy (or copies) today! Read more about it below… Sean Vigue’s 30 Days of Yoga Sean Vigue, bestselling author and the “most watched yoga guy on the planet”, is pleased to release the ultimate 30 day […]

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Best Warm-Up Exercises to do ANYWHERE

Looking for some gentle, easy to follow warm-up exercises? I put together a video of bodyweight only exercises to get your blood flowing and sharpen your focus. I recommend doing these before your current workouts. Add some yoga into your life with my new eBook Sean Vigue 30 Days of Yoga for Amazon and iTunes. […]

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Power Yoga for Total Beginners – Easy to Follow Power Yoga Workout

My friends, have you been really wanting to try Power Yoga but were not sure where to start? I created this gentle and easy to follow Power Yoga routine so you don’t have to be intimidated or confused – Power Yoga is here for YOU! I even wrote a paperback book to begin your love […]

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Pilates Routine for Total Beginners – Easy and Gentle Core Workout

My friends, here’s part 2 of my new 6 part beginner training course! Today we’re going to be doing a gentle, easy to follow Pilates class to lay the foundation for your future Pilates practice. Pilates is too powerful to not add into your life and this session will be the gateway to longer, leaner […]

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Yoga Routine for Total Beginners – Gentle Yoga Stretch

I’m starting 2016 with a six part total beginner series on my YouTube channel. These routines are perfect for the total beginner who wants to begin moving, stretching, exercising and getting leaner right now. This series will get you up, moving and transforming your body in no time at all. After you do the beginner […]

Sean’s “Pylata Workouts” are BACK and BETTER than EVER!

One of the reasons I’m psyched about 2016 is the opportunity to bring my original workout creation: Pylata! What is Pylata? Pylata: Intense original bodyweight only workout program which combines the core strengthening of Pilates w/ the power and control of power yoga and adds Tabata and cardio inspired sequences into an under 20 minute […]

“Sean Vigue’s 45 Day Workout Program” is here! Complete Training Program for men and women.

It’s here! My MOST ambitious fitness book to date. This is one that I’ve been excited about for the entire year. It’s comprehensive, complete and life changing. It features all the workouts that I do everyday to stay fit at 41 years and beyond. Click HERE and start today! Sean Vigue’s 45 Day Workout Program: […]

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The “4 P’s” Workout: Push-ups, Planks, Pilates and Power Yoga!

Holy cow was this one fun to film! It’s kind of a celebration workout for two reasons. 1. It’s the end of a very exciting year and I wanted to thank you for your support and love. 2. I’m publishing my latest and most comprehensive book today, Sean Vigue’s 45 Day Complete Workout Program on […]

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Sean’s Vault 30 Day Workout Schedule

Sean’s Vault subscribers – here’s your 30 day complete workout program – Click here! Feel free to take a day off when you need one and keep spreading the word about the 7 day FREE trail of Sean’s Vault. It’s a pleasure to work with you! Day 1 Sean’s Favorite Muscle Sculpting Exercises Day 2 […]