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Motley Fitness Boot Camp is coming!!

Sean Vigue and Motley Fitness will be bringing you a very unique, challenging, muscle ripping, soul splitting new workout series available on iTunes Podcast and DVD worldwide: Motley Fitness Boot Camp!! This whole Boot Camp will be solely mat based….meaning that all you will need is a Yoga/Pilates mat and you shall create an entire […]

Got Core? campaign coming soon!

Motley Fitness is unleashing it’s brand new campaign to bring effective, life sustaining fitness to a health hungry population: Got Core? Got Core? has already begun in some of our German language ads and will soon be a full scale English speaking blitz of information on why you NEED a strong Core to truly be […]

Sign-ups for my Pilates and Yoga classes at Disney World!

Sign-ups will be on the Hub tomorrow morning (Thursday) so don’t delay! If you are a cast member or can be claimed by one get yourself over and get on board these groundbreaking classes! Look for Cast Activities on the Hub. Here is the schedule beginning the week of January 18th and lasting for eight-weeks: […]