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Sean Vigue Reviews Konkura Challenges Blog

Recently, a new startup website and blog called Konkura was brought to my attention and I thought I would share the wealth! The site is a community of fitness enthusiasts engaging in friendly competition by posting challenges for a variety of sports or fitness activities. Activities range from the Royal Marine Challenge to the less […]

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Not a fan of quotes but this one makes my toes curl it’s so awesome!

The picture above is me running from the law for teaching too many fitness classes and too many people! “Make time for exercise or make time for illness.” Not sure exactly who said this but it rings such profound truth. Every person on the planet must take heed of this quote. Keep your bodies moving. […]

Making a new mix of rock and Pylata..!

Making a music mix for live fitness classes in an art form. Some of my mixes are legendary and can change humanity while others can bring down entire civilizations. This is some pretty serious stuff! I am making a very eclectic mix this evening to be used at Golds in the morning for my Power […]

Got Core? campaign coming soon!

Motley Fitness is unleashing it’s brand new campaign to bring effective, life sustaining fitness to a health hungry population: Got Core? Got Core? has already begun in some of our German language ads and will soon be a full scale English speaking blitz of information on why you NEED a strong Core to truly be […]

Exercise Breakdown workout is now available for FREE!

Motley Fitness presents its newest workout series for Podcast and people on the go: Exercise Breakdown! Every video is several minutes and focuses on one very effective and rewarding exercise. Episode one features the Forearm Plank. To subscribe to my FREE Podcast go to: Enjoy! Make your life extraordinary. Sean VigueOwner/Operator Mr. Fitness […]

Back to Florida!

I am flying back to Florida tomorrow to resume my intense teaching and filming schedule! So excited for what 2010 has to offer. See you in class! Did you like this? Share it: Tweet

Happy New Year from Mr. Fitness!!

2010 is almost upon us my friends! This year shall make all other years look like a pile of rubbish. 2010 shall be THE year. End of story. I have launched a full line of workout DVDs for ALL fitness levels and ages. Pilates? Yoga? Yoga/Pilates? Motley Fitness has em! I am continuing to teach […]

Three-Minute Pilates Podcast now available for FREE!

Go to this web address and Subscribe to this FREE Podcast from Sean Vigue at Motley Fitness… Please spread the word and I will see you in class! Sean Did you like this? Share it: Tweet

Flying to Wisconsin for Christmas!

I am leaving for the airport in 30 minutes and feeling both elated and sad. Elated to be with my family for Christmas but sad that Christmas is almost here. December always goes sooooooo fast. Sounds cliche’ to say that but…here we are. Keep checking back to my blog as I will be updating it […]

Only one class left for Sean in 2009!

Yep only one class left in this glorious year. 2009 comes to close with so many wonderful things happening for Motley Fitness. I had the honor of teaching almost 1000 live Pilates, Yoga, Spinning, and Yoga/PIlates classes all over Central Florida, Wisconsin, and Montana. I also launched a full line of workout DVDs for all […]