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Pylata is coming to conquer and devour your fitness soul!

I cannot say enough about how excited I am about Pylata workouts! Pylata is my (Sean Vigue) advanced and extreme creation and aims to get serious athletes toned, stretched, and incredibly ripped in under 20 minutes. What is Pylata? Watch the preview here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cift7smacoCombine the Core blasting of Pilates with the interval intensity of Tabata […]

FREE workout Podcast from Sean and Motley Fitness!

I like to offer people many, many options when it comes to fitness and believe in keeping prices extremely low. Even better than a low price is offering something for FREE! Motley Fitness has been offering a free podcast for several months now to meet the ever increasing demands of business. Take several original Podcast […]

Yoga/Pilates for the Dancer DVD coming soon from Motley Fitness!

Oh yes Motley Fitness is on FIRE! We are bringing top of the line health and fitness to a fitness hungry world through packed live classes, workout DVDs, FREE Podcasts, and blogs a plenty. I work very hard to create workouts for people of ALL ages and fitness levels. So….Yoga/Pilates for the Dancer is the […]

We will be beginning the filming today of my next workout DVD bestseller: Yoga for Runners. This workout stars fitness model and marathoner Jillian Wilkerson! This DVD will feature three distinct Yoga workouts specifically designed for runners: one for after you run, one for anytime, and one to build lean muscle and strength in your […]

Motley Fitness Podcast is yours for the taking!

Motley Fitness has a Podcast that is FREE and for you to take anywhere and practice at anytime. The Motley Fitness Podcast features 2 dynamic workout series: Three-Minute Pilates and Exercise Breakdown. To subscribe go here: http://www.motleyfitness.com/motleyfitness/Podcast/Podcast.html FREE FREE FREE! Enjoy! Sean Viguemotleyfitness@gmail.comwww.motleyfitness.com Did you like this? Share it: Tweet

Motley Fitness workout App for your iPhone?

Hmmmmm…. Motley Fitness is currently working on an Application to be used on your iPhone, iTouch, and iTunes. Stay tuned…. Sean VigueOwner/Operator Mr. Fitness LLCmotleyfitness@gmail.comwww.youtube.com/motleyfitnesswww.motleyfitness.comwww.facebook.com/sviguehttp://twitter.com/motleyfitness321-559-4044“Trainer to Tens of Thousands!” Subscribe to my FREE Podcast workouts! http://www.motleyfitness.com/motleyfitness/Podcast/Podcast.html Did you like this? Share it: Tweet

Back to Florida!

I am flying back to Florida tomorrow to resume my intense teaching and filming schedule! So excited for what 2010 has to offer. See you in class! Seanwww.motleyfitness.com Did you like this? Share it: Tweet

Three-Minute Pilates Podcast now available for FREE!

Go to this web address and Subscribe to this FREE Podcast from Sean Vigue at Motley Fitness… http://www.motleyfitness.com/motleyfitness/Podcast/Podcast.html Please spread the word and I will see you in class! Sean Viguewww.motleyfitness.com Did you like this? Share it: Tweet

Sign-ups for my Pilates and Yoga classes at Disney World!

Sign-ups will be on the Hub tomorrow morning (Thursday) so don’t delay! If you are a cast member or can be claimed by one get yourself over and get on board these groundbreaking classes! Look for Cast Activities on the Hub. Here is the schedule beginning the week of January 18th and lasting for eight-weeks: […]

Can you handle my Macho-lates!

Want a really tough, advanced Pilates workout? Tired of your routine and need something new? Are you an instructor of fitness and looking for some new, advanced moves to dazzle your clients with? Check out my advanced Pilates series titled, Macho-lates! Available in HD! Macho-lates consists of four 12-15 intense Pilates workouts that will rip […]