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Motley Fitness is the present and future of fitness. REAL fitness.

Photo above is from the Motley Fitness German promo series. Got Core? Why do we spend gobs of money on your lawn, car, clothes, food, jewelry, and house and neglect our most important asset: our health? This thought runs through my head as I take my cherished night walks in my town. Beautiful homes are […]

Motley Fitness is a life choice.

Motley Fitness is committed to creating a healthy, lean, fit body and mind through natural movements based in Pilates and Yoga. You will look and feel great now AND for many, many years to come. We believe that fitness is your duty and must be safe, effective, and forward thinking so you may be filled […]

Yoga/Pilates for the Dancer DVD coming soon from Motley Fitness!

Oh yes Motley Fitness is on FIRE! We are bringing top of the line health and fitness to a fitness hungry world through packed live classes, workout DVDs, FREE Podcasts, and blogs a plenty. I work very hard to create workouts for people of ALL ages and fitness levels. So….Yoga/Pilates for the Dancer is the […]

10 Minute Pilates series coming from Sean Vigue and Motley Fitness!

I have a brand new workout series in the works called Ten Minute Pilates. This series will feature ten minutes of flowing mat based Pilates exercises to work your entire body! I will be debuting it on my FREE Podcast this week. Here is the link to my free Motley Podcast: The Motley Podcast […]

Yoga for the Runner workout DVD available!

It has arrived!! Yoga for the Runner contains three dynamic yoga workouts on one DVD! 1~Upper Body workout2~After run stretch series3~Full 30 minute full body workout Here is the official promo: Combined they give you the physical, mental, and spiritual tools to elevate your running to the stratosphere! Yoga for the Runner is $15 […]

Motley Fitness is a life choice.

I am developing Motley Fitness into a fitness guide to a healthy, strong life. There are plenty of workouts on the market that will kick your butt into shape in a very short amount of time (and I have several workouts that will do the same) but the questions persists…where do I go after the […]

Happy New Year from Mr. Fitness!!

2010 is almost upon us my friends! This year shall make all other years look like a pile of rubbish. 2010 shall be THE year. End of story. I have launched a full line of workout DVDs for ALL fitness levels and ages. Pilates? Yoga? Yoga/Pilates? Motley Fitness has em! I am continuing to teach […]

Podcast mania with Motley Fitness!

Starting in 2010 Motley Fitness will begin offering a FREE weekly Podcast titled, Two Minute Pilates! The video will feature Sean Vigue doing an effective and flowing 2 minute Pilates workout. These will be perfect for after a workout to tone and sculpt your core or to add on to your current Pilates workout. You […]

Motley Fitness keeps expanding to bring fitness to the bored.

I believe most fitness classes and trends to be very void of passion and vitality. We go through the motions but never make a deep connection with what we are doing so we quickly pitter out…leaving our stab at fitness on the wayside. Most people’s lives are cluttered with many different fitness endeavors that start […]