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The Pilates for Athletes App

BOOST YOUR ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE, STRENGTH, AND POWER WITH PILATES THROUGH GUIDED WORKOUTS WITH THE TRIADXP FITNESS APP. Download it RIGHT HERE. See inside the App HERE. Professional athletes all around the world are taking advantage of the benefits of Pilates. Now leading fitness expert Sean Vigue puts the power of Pilates in the palm of […]

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Protected: Sean’s 30 Days of Yoga Official Playlist

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Sean’s Two Part Pigeon Pose Yoga Series

My name is Sean and I do Pigeon pose every day…sometimes twice a day. Pigeon is a hands down favorite in my LIVE yoga classes and I’ve taken great pains and pleasure in adding a bounteous amount of effective variations to the base pose in the two classes below. Areas we’re addressing, improving and bringing […]

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Protected: Sean’s Official Pilates for Athletes Playlist

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Sean’s ABS of IRON Total Bodyweight Workout

What could be better than grabbing a cold bottle of water, yoga mat, my dog, a heaping bottle of sunscreen and my camera to capture an intense and fun total body workout on my deck? The deck is just a few steps from where I’m writing this blog so it’s convenient, scenic and trembles when […]

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Sean’s Vault 30 Day Workout Schedule

Sean’s Vault subscribers – here’s your 30 day complete workout program – Click here! Feel free to take a day off when you need one and keep spreading the word about the 7 day FREE trail of Sean’s Vault. It’s a pleasure to work with you! Day 1 Sean’s Favorite Muscle Sculpting Exercises Day 2 […]

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Sean’s 3 Favorite Pull Up Exercises for Strength and power

It’s no secret how much of a Pull Up fetish I have. Here’s 3 of my favorite Pull Up variations that you can do with the help of a bar. Without a bar it just doesn’t work so well. Please comment on the YouTube video what YOUR favorite type of Pull Up is. I love […]

The 40 Minute Best Damn Pilates Workout in the Universe!

I went NUTS with this one but wanted to bring you a complete and total Pilates class just like my live classes. If this is a little too intense check out my other complete Pilates workout. I want to hear how you did so leave a comment here or on YouTube and share it your […]

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The Perfect Beginner “Yoga for Men” Routine has Finally Arrived!

Click here to get your very own Yoga for Men Workout Cards The perfect beginner yoga routine for men has finally arrived! Make sure you show it lots of love with a Like, leave a Comment, Share it on and Subscribe to my YouTube channel. Need some new fitness reading? I have the perfect new […]

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Throwback Thursday! (6-21-12) “Hey, that’s MY Spot!! Don’t Make me Burpee on Your Body!”

It’s Throwback Thursday:¬†that day of the week we visit (or re-visit) exciting events from the past…perhaps from 18 seconds ago to as far back as the early 80’s. The sky is the limit! Today, I am featuring my first ever Confessions of a Freestyle Fitness Instructor blog¬†about my clients feverishly choosing a spot in my […]