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Exclusive Killer Workout program coming to my YouTube channel: SVF Unleashed in 10!

Welcome to SVF Unleashed in 10! Only available on my YouTube channel, this workout program features ten of the most challenging fat burning, muscle shredding 10 minute workouts you’ll ever do. Watch for the workouts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday beginning tomorrow January 12th. Ten minute workout challenges include Power Yoga, Burpee Madness, HIIT, Pilates […]

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The Wonderful World of Burpees from Sean Vigue Fitness!

Are you a Burpee fan? Connoisseur? Do you know why they call it a Burpee? (hint – it’s something that comes forth from your mouth) I’ve been so impressed with my results from Burpees that I put together a video featuring TWENTY different variations! Why keep it a secret? B’s combine the big three of […]