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Go on a Date with The Perfect Beginner Pilates Workout from Sean Vigue Fitness!

I’m just gonna lay it all on the line – you have less than 10 minutes to exercise and you’re thinking ‘I can’t do anything in that little time. This sucks! I’m so ashamed and upset that I won’t workout today. Ahhh!’. What a horrible feeling. Wait, I think I may have something that is […]

New to Exercise? Try my 20 min Ab Workout for Beginners from Sean Vigue Fitness!

It’s a new year my friends and a time to ‘reset’ your health and fitness! I recently unearthed this beginner ab workout from my ‘Vault’. It was filmed on location in Bigfork, Montana in 2010 and features 20 minutes of precise, slow instruction to ease you into the exciting world of Core fitness! When in […]

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Happy New Year from Sean Vigue Fitness!

My friends! It’s a glorious New Year full of infinite possibilities…if we take action. And take action we shall! I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to help you transform your body into a strong, flexible, gorgeous work of art. If that means kicking your ass when needed so be it. 😉 Here are two […]

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Build Gorgeous Arms without Going to the Gym with Sean Vigue Fitness!

This workout is by request. Have a request? Email me at Sean@SeanVigueFitness.com Tired of the crowded gym? Stinky people not wiping off the machines? Trying to avoid that one person who slams down the weights, screams like an idiot, and looks around to see if anyone’s watching? This workout has come along just in time […]

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46 Different Push-Up Variations in 3 minutes with Sean Vigue Fitness!

Many of you know my great love for the push-up and it’s many, many benefits. What other exercise can you do pretty much anywhere (even at Target) and build power and tone your entire body? I’m so excited to offer this new video featuring 46 (!) different variations of this classic move. Think of it […]

What are my 5 Favorite Weight Loss Foods?

I’m so excited! This is my first video that deals with nutrition and i’m planning many more. Why? Because you “Can’t out-exercise a bad diet!”. Eating and working out go hand in hand to give you maximum results and create the long, lean, strong, sexy, vibrant body we all want to carry through this life. […]

Sean Vigue Fitness featured in the Washington Post!

  Check out the great article about myLes Miserables Workout in the Washington Post! I’m really looking forward to seeing the movie and shall be singing right along 🙂 Join my Facebook Community! SeanVigueFitness.com/Store for my FULL DVDs and Downloads! Use code 3000 and get 50% off any order!!!   Did you like this? Share it: […]

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I want you to look HOT! Inside this blog lies the SOLUTION from Sean Vigue Fitness!

No gimmicks. No hidden costs. Simply put: Add this workout into your life and your body will transform itself! Forget the crowded gym and all the monthly fees…do this workout ANYWHERE! I want you to get the body of your dreams. Anything less is a complete waste of time. Please comment, SHARE, Like, and, most […]

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Yoga for a Better Night’s Sleep from Sean Vigue Fitness!

Sleep is SO darn important! I know when I get under 7 hours a night I feel like POOH for most of the day. Luckily, I hit 8 hours last night AND am high on coffee!! I feel great! You will feel great too (and sleep like a baby – without the crying) after doing […]

How to Build a Sexy Pilates Body in 10 min w/ Sean Vigue Fitness!

Why do the people in Pilates infomercials and at Pilates classes always look so darn fit, toned, happy, and, well, DAMN SEXY? The answer is a word from the sentence I just wrote. No, not infomercials, i’m speaking of classic, ab ripping, mind calming, insatiable Mat Pilates! I want YOU to experience the thrill of […]