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Ab Exercises for Beginners from Sean Vigue Fitness!

It’s here! After hearing from so many of you about the need for a beginner ab workout, I decided it was time to head out and film one. All you need is your own bodyweight and about 5 minutes for a complete ab/core workout! Please thumbs-up & comment on your progress! Join my Facebook community […]

The 20 min INSANE Ab Workout from Sean Vigue Fitness!

*Direct from the Sean Vigue Fitness Vault* I unearthed this KILLER workout that was originally filmed in 2010 and offer it as a challenger to my 20 min Killer Core Workout Enjoy and give it some big THUMBS UP and Comments on YouTube. Thanks!! Join my Facebook fitness community! SeanVigueFitness.com/Store for my COMPLETE workouts on […]

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The Wonderful World of Burpees from Sean Vigue Fitness!

Are you a Burpee fan? Connoisseur? Do you know why they call it a Burpee? (hint – it’s something that comes forth from your mouth) I’ve been so impressed with my results from Burpees that I put together a video featuring TWENTY different variations! Why keep it a secret? B’s combine the big three of […]

Sean Vigue’s 5 minute Ab Ripper Workout is here!

My friends, Got 5 minutes? I have the workout for you to get that HARD and SCULPTED midsection…as well as the rest of your body! Please give this baby a thumbs up & comment on YouTube so we can track your progress. Thanks! Join our fitness community on Facebook! SeanVigueFitness.com Did you like this? Share […]

Yoga for a Sexy Butt, Legs, & Core from Sean Vigue Fitness!

Need a lift in your tush, legs, and core? Heck, how about your entire body? Try my Yoga for Butt, Abs, & Core! This workout was pulled from my film vault and was made in 2009…ages ago. Don’t worry about grabbing weights or bands etc. just use your bodyweight & get ready for some splendid […]

Buns & Abs of Steel Workout from Sean Vigue Fitness!

Grab your leg warmers and headbands for my new Buns & Abs of Steel Workout! No need to grab any weights or wrestle with a complicated machine…just bring your body and take this workout anywhere. Did you own the classic Abs and Buns of Steel workout videos from 90’s? Sean Vigue facebook.com/seanvigue SeanVigueFitness.com/Store – Grab  my award winning Pilates […]

EXTREME Home Fat Blasting Workout from Sean Vigue Fitness!

Do you have what it takes to survive my EXTREME Home Fat Blasting Workout?! You have 4 exercises that are to be done for 30 seconds with minimal rest in-between. Take a quick break between sets and repeat 3-4 times for MAXIMUM muscle shredding & weight loss! Share your thoughts and join my official Facebook […]

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My Walking Workout for Having Fun & Losing Weight!

  Why just walk when you can make an exciting fitness adventure out of it? Check out my latest workout video: My Walking Workout for Losing Weight & Having Fun! Are you a walker? Do you have any secret exercises you like to add? Please SHARE with us! Sean Vigue facebook.com/seanvigue SeanVigueFitness.com Did you like […]

Get RIPPED with the “Total Body Shredder Workout” from Sean Vigue Fitness!

Are you ready to get shredded without using any weights or machines? Check out my newest workout: The Total Body Shredder Workout! Please comment on your progress and like my Facebook page for daily tips, updates, and workouts! Stay tuned for my full workout calendar to keep you focused on achieving your amazing fitness goals! Thanks! […]

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Experience the “Full Body Workout for Weight Loss” from Sean Vigue Fitness!

I am so excited to start offering workout calendars very soon to keep you focused and successful in reaching your fitness goals! A whole new series of workouts is in the can and will be uploaded every Monday and Wednesday to YouTube. Here is the first Full Body Workout for Weight Loss! Enjoy & comment! […]