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CRAZY WORKOUT FRENZY!! SVF Unleashed in 10! Last Workout in the Series!

Subscribe to get the whole series and bookmark the official Playlist! Well, here it is: the final workout in my SVF Unleashed in 10! YouTube series! Your final workout is aptly titled “Crazy Workout Frenzy” because I threw as many kick ass exercises together as I could in 10 minutes. It’s literally a frenzy of […]

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My HIIT Cardio Core Challenge will RIP your Muscles to Shreds!! SVF Unleashed Workout #8

My friends, I give to you workout #8 in SVF Unleashed in 10!: HIIT Cardio Core Workout! Not much to say about this killer so make sure you’re Subscribed to my You Tube channel to get every episode! Please comment when you make it all the way through without stopping…Lord knows I almost didn’t! Enjoy […]

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BAM! The Pilates Core Workout | SVF Unleashed in 10! Workout #7

Behold my latest SVF Unleashed in 10! entry: Pilates Core Challenge! Click below to discover some classic Pilates moves that i’ve never filmed before but are guaranteed to sculpt, shred and strengthen your entire body. Subscribe now to my YouTube channel so you NEVER miss an episode! Now, let’s show your core how much you […]

HIIT, Rock Hard Abs and Total Body Stretch Challenges – All in One Blog!

Good day my friends! Warning – this blog may explode from too much kick ass fitness! I decided to combine 3 workouts from my new exclusive YouTube fitness channel series SVF Unleashed in 10! into one blog and damn the consequences. SVF Unleashed in 10! contains ten of the most challenging 10 minute workouts ever […]

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SVF Unleashed in 10! Workout #2: Power Yoga Challenge

Welcome to SVF Unleashed in 10! workout #2: Power Yoga Challenge. Take your mind and body through 10 minutes of fat burning and muscle stretching yoga flows as you enjoy workout #2 in my exclusive YouTube workout program! Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to receive all 10 of these body transforming workouts right in your inbox […]

20 minute Power Yoga Workout from HELL compliments of Sean Vigue Fitness!

Not much to say about this killer Power Yoga workout except I filmed it 3 days ago and i’m STILL SORE. That never happens! Thank God I filmed in the shade or i’d just be a spot on the pavement. If this workout is a little too intense try my more chill but still sarcastic […]