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Pilates for Athletes

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by Sean Vigue
Pilates for Athletes
Tag: EBook
Publisher: Sean Vigue Fitness
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 9780985195724

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The book that started it all. "Pilates for Athletes" is the Total Training Program for Beginner to Advanced Athletes in Every Sport! It's perfect for men and women of all fitness levels and includes over 40 new exercises, 5 complete Pilates workout videos and Training Logs for every major sport to get you moving immediately.

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About the Book
International fitness trainer Sean Vigue is a multiple bestselling author and the “most watched yoga and Pilates guy on the planet”. He’s helped millions transform their bodies with mat Pilates and now it’s YOUR turn! This is the fitness program that male and female athletes of all fitness levels have done to dramatically elevate their athletic ability on EVERY level. Whether it’s football, tennis, golf, basketball, running, cycling, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, swimming, MMA, gymnastics, dance etc you will massively improve your athletic skills across the board with “Pilates for Athletes”! ✔️This book contains over 40 beginner to advanced unique total body Pilates exercises with full color photos, descriptions, modifications and clickable links to take you to the many special features in this book. You’ve never done or experienced total body exercises like these! ✔️Also included are 5 easy to follow complete and comprehensive Pilates workout videos so you can exercise directly with Sean and learn the best ways to breathe, move and transition through the many exercises. Just click the live links and go right to your workout! The five complete workout videos included are: ✔️Pilates for Abs ✔️Pilates for Flexibility ✔️Pilates for your Back ✔️Classic Pilates Workout ✔️The Official Pilates for AthletesTraining Routine ✔️Training Logs for every major sport to get you moving and building strength immediately! These are just like attending Sean’s live Pilates classes and you can do this program anywhere and anytime. It fits perfectly into YOUR schedule. This book features the mat Pilates method which is all bodyweight exercises – no weights, equipment or machines of any kind needed…just your body and you will build amazing strength, flexibility, endurance, control and power on the field, court, track, road, bike, pool, rink and anywhere else you love to do your chosen sport or sports. Buy your copy now and begin today! ✔️Scroll Up & Click The “BUY” Button To Become A Stronger, Leaner, More Flexible and Faster Athlete! You can also find Pilates for Athletes at these retailers, libraries and book sites. Click the titles to view. Bookshout Bookshare Scribd
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