Sean Vigue “SVF 365” 30 Day Fitness Program

Sean Vigue “SVF 365” 30 Day Fitness Program
Tag: EBook
Publisher: Sean Vigue Fitness
Publication Year: 2016

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"SVF 365" has arrived! This complete 30 day program is my version of P90X and features yoga, weight training, flexibility training, cardio/HIIT, Pilates, kettle bells, power yoga, pull ups, kickboxing, athletic training and much more. Build muscle, shred fat, increase flexibility and gain a ton of energy. Buy the book and begin transforming today!

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About the Book

Sean Vigue is a 6 time bestselling fitness author, the most watched online yoga and Pilates guy and one of the most sought after fitness professionals in the world! He also loves to sing opera.

“SVF 365” is Sean’s answer to P90X. It is 30 days of exclusive cross training workout videos (for men and women) featuring yoga, HIIT/cardio, power yoga, weight training, flexibility training, pull ups, Pilates, athletic training, kettlebells, Pylata, exercise balls, calisthenics and much more! He filmed 22 full length, brand new and exclusive workouts (plus 5 surprise workout videos) for this program designed for weight loss, muscle shredding, increasing flexibility and creating that long, lean body that turns heads and stops traffic. This is THE program for the serious fitness practitioner. It is the perfect program for YOU. Scroll below to see EVERY workout video featuring Sean in this program!

Here’s the list of workouts:
Week 1
Monday – 27 Min Dumbbells and Core Mash-Up Workout
Tuesday – 35 Min Moderate Cardio HIIT w/ Flexibility Workout
Wednesday – 20 Min Pilates Abs Sizzler
Thursday – 30 Min Power Flow Yoga and Flexibility Training
Friday – 33 Min Pull-Ups, Pilates and Planks Muscle Shredder
Saturday – 30 Min Stretch and Flexibility Training Routine
Sunday – Rest Day or optional Power Yoga for Strength Workout

Week 2
Monday – 30 Min Pilates Core Smasher Routine
Tuesday – 40 Min Power Yoga Warrior Flow w/ Lunges
Wednesday – 34 Min Relentless Dumbbell, Kettlebell and Yoga Core Class
Thursday – 40 Min Killer Cardio Pylata Pull Up Hold Workout
Friday – 22 Min Cardio Kickboxing and Stretch Routine
Saturday – 30 Min Stretch and Flexibility Training Routine
Sunday – Rest Day or optional Sean’s CRAZY 70 Min Total Body Workout Routine!

Week 3
Monday – 27 Min Hardcore Body Ripper Workout
Tuesday – 28 Min Power Yoga Balance Burner w/ Extra Lunges
Wednesday – 25 Min Pilates Butt Kicker Full Body Workout
Thursday – 35 Min Intense Strength and Stamina Workout
Friday – 32 Min Sweet Release Restoration Stretch
Saturday – 30 Min Stretch and Flexibility Training Routine
Sunday – Rest Day or optional 40 Min Best Darn Power Yoga Workout Program

Week 4
Monday – 38 Min Pull Up Explosion Total Body Workout
Tuesday – 23 Min Deep Yin Yoga Deep Stretching Routine
Wednesday – 27 Min Pylata Yoga Core Meltdown
Thursday – 30 Min Complete Flexibility and Abs Routine
Friday – 40 Min Sean’s Total Body Destroyer Workout
Saturday – 30 Min Stretch and Flexibility Training Routine
Sunday – Rest Day or optional The 60 Min Complete Yoga Workout
Monday – 40 Min HIIT Insanity Cardio Tabata Workout
Tuesday – 35 Min Complete Stretching and Flexibility Routine

You will not find a more comprehensive 30 day fitness program on the market. Scroll up and order your copy today!

About the Author
Sean Vigue

Sean Vigue is Colorado's premier Yoga and Pilates instructor, creator of Pilates Style's "Best Male Workout of 2011" Pilates for Men DVD/Download. He launched his own complete online training program, "Sean's Vault," and has taught more than 5,000 group fitness classes. He has been featured in The Washington Post,, Fox News, Pilates Style magazine, The Denver Post, Fit Bottomed Girls, The Broadway Blog,, and

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