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It’s my birthday – giveaway time!

That’s right, today is my birthday and as a gift to you, I’m going to offer a free download giveaway! All you need to do, is write in the comments section on this post why you should win my 18 Minute Total Core Workout sometime before next Saturday at midnight and you’re entered to win. Good […]

Sean’s Tying the Knot!

Hi everyone, Lauren, Sean’s social media assistant here. Sean is off this week getting married to his beautiful bride Jillian! He’ll be back with more fat burning, core strengthening videos for you next week. In the meantime, in honor of his nuptials and wedding season in general, enjoy this total-body workout for the Big Day! […]

Pilates for Men DVD Press Release!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEMedia ContactLisa Buyer 954.354.1411×14 Pilates for Men DVD by Master Core Body Specialist Sean Vigue Starting with the core, Pilates for Men is designed to enhance all other fitness routines, says Sean Vigue, Walt Disney World’s Pilates and Yoga Instructor. Proving that real men do Pilates in his new DVD release, Pilates […]

I am leaving on a jet plane tomorrow….

My friends, I shall be leaving on a jet plane tomorrow to the frozen tundra of southwest Wisconsin to spend this blessed time with my family. This is my favorite time of year. It has been an absolutely incredible year! I have taught about 1000 Pilates, Yoga, Pylata, and Spinning classes, filmed about 100 workout […]

Pylata for the Superhero will punch you in the face!

I was in the studio today filming the Pylata for the Superhero. It is my wish to make Pylata the hottest name in advanced, bodyweight only fitness. Pylata for the Superhero will be available soon to download on The above pic is a screenshot taken from the workout. Whew…this is a brutal but totally […]

The roller coaster begins again. Let’s go!!

Getting ready for another roller coaster week of teaching, filming, speaking, driving, and enjoying the hell out of life! I am knee deep in another eight-week session of Pilates and Yoga/Pilates classes at Walt Disney World with my beloved Cast Members, beating them up at Golds, Anytime Fitness, and Artisan Park and relaxing everyone at […]

Your glorious and just fitness quest has begun!

We are on a lifelong quest to improve our health! Let me assist you with this noble and glorious quest. I was watching my Disney clients leave Pilates class on Friday and noticing many things… 1) They were either smiling or laughing. I have never seen a client leave upset, annoyed, or distracted. 2) They […]

Pylata is coming to conquer and devour your fitness soul!

I cannot say enough about how excited I am about Pylata workouts! Pylata is my (Sean Vigue) advanced and extreme creation and aims to get serious athletes toned, stretched, and incredibly ripped in under 20 minutes. What is Pylata? Watch the preview here: the Core blasting of Pilates with the interval intensity of Tabata […]

Big Tuesday of teaching, singing, and stretching….

Another great day of teaching group fitness classes in Orlando, Florida! I won’t bore you with all the small details but the classes ran smooth and everyone left looking and feeling better than when they walked through the door. Taught Pilates at Golds this morning…a little sleepy. Damn lawn care people! I swear that everyday […]

Making a new mix of rock and Pylata..!

Making a music mix for live fitness classes in an art form. Some of my mixes are legendary and can change humanity while others can bring down entire civilizations. This is some pretty serious stuff! I am making a very eclectic mix this evening to be used at Golds in the morning for my Power […]