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Pilates for Athletes Flows

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Welcome to the 20 complete full body Pilates flows (some are still being filmed and uploaded) from my Bestselling book, Pilates for Athletes from Penguin Random House and Hatherleigh Press. Pick up your copy today for hundreds of exercises in full color photos (ft. Sean Vigue), Training Logs for every major sport (including skiing, martial arts, Lacrosse and more) and why athletes of all fitness levels will massively benefit from Pilates. Order your copy/copies of the book by clicking here or wherever books are sold. Paperback and ebook/digital formats.
Oh, and here is a fantastic Post Workout Stretch Routine to get you right with your mind and body after every workout.

My Yoga for Beginners bundle features 20 of my all-time favorite routines for beginners to help you build up a successful yoga practice.

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