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What better gift than training with Coach Vigue? Yoga, Pilates, Flexibility, Mobility, Cardio or Power Yoga – anytime of the year is a great time to train. Give the gift of the Sean Vigue Fitness app!

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My best-selling books include training for all-levels, making them the perfect gift for the athletes in your life, as well as beginners, kids, teens, and people of all ages and fitness levels. 

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30 Days of Morning Yoga

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30 Days of Morning Yoga

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Join me every morning for 30 days as we practice my new morning yoga routine. 

Master the following skills with my guided yoga practice:

  • Amazing Flexibility & Mobility
  • Superhero Strength
  • Mastery of Your Mind/Body Connection

No weights.

No machines.

Only your bodyweight.

"Sean Vigue is the most followed online Yoga and Pilates instructor worldwide with millions of followers in over 100 countries."

Welcome to Sean Vigue Fitness! My training is used by people of all ages and fitness levels from total beginners to elite athletes.

I guarantee you will drastically improve your physical and mental athletic performance each and every time you train with me.

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Please visit my channel for a diverse collection of Pilates, Yoga, Power Yoga, Core, Yoga for Men, Conditioning, Boot Camp,  and Bodyweight workouts!

My Yoga for Beginners bundle features 20 of my all-time favorite routines for beginners to help you build up a successful yoga practice.

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