Pilates For Men

Pilates For Men
Tag: EBook
Publisher: Sean Vigue Fitness
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 9780985195717

The #1 Bestseller on Amazon!

Sean has helped millions of guys become stronger and healthier with Pilates...why not YOU?

This all fitness levels, easy to follow total Pilates training manual includes 35 dynamic Pilates mat exercises (only your body weight is needed. No equipment necessary.) complete with color photos, descriptions and add-ons/modifications so you'll get a great workout no matter your age or fitness level.

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About the Book

There are 6 complete Pilates workouts (beginner, intermediate, advanced, hard abs, strong back, athletic training) so you can get moving right away and reaping the many benefits of adding Pilates to your life: strength, control, endurance, flexibility, massive core strength, agility, focus and pure POWER.

You can also train directly with Sean as all of the 6 workouts have been filmed and added to his popular YouTube channel with links in the book. It’s always Sean’s goal to make getting in incredible shape as convenient, effective and fun as possible. All you need to do is click the live links in the book and start training with Sean today!

#1 Bestseller on AmazonĀ 

CLICK HERE for the official playlist for your Pilates for MenĀ eBook.

CLICK HERE for your Pilates for Men ebook cross training program.

Never underestimate the importance of cross training (combining of various exercises and workouts to work various parts of the body) so Sean has included an exclusive training program (link provided) which includes 10 different diverse and challenging workouts from Power Yoga to Cardio Core. You will never get bored with your workouts!

Pilates is the perfect stand alone workout or can be added into your current routines. It’s super convenient and can be done anywhere and anytime according to your schedule and will dramatically enhance your performance on every level, for EVERY sport and EVERY activity….Pilates has you covered!

Sean Vigue – the Most Watched Pilates and Yoga Guy on the Planet, winner “Best Pilates for Men Workout” from Pilates Style magazine and the recent author of the popular paperback, “Power Yoga for Athletes” from Fair Winds Press and the bestselling eBooks, “30 Day Flexibility Training”, “30 Days of Planks”, “Sean Vigue’s 30 Day Beginner Workout Program” and “Sean Vigue’s 45 Day Workout Program”.

About the Author
Sean Vigue

Sean Vigue is Colorado's premier Yoga and Pilates instructor, creator of Pilates Style's "Best Male Workout of 2011" Pilates for Men DVD/Download. He launched his own complete online training program, "Sean's Vault," and has taught more than 5,000 group fitness classes. He has been featured in The Washington Post, Curious.com, Fox News, Pilates Style magazine, The Denver Post, Fit Bottomed Girls, The Broadway Blog, YoFitTV.com, and MyGeniusTrainer.com.

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