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Sean Vigue Reviews Konkura Challenges Blog

Recently, a new startup website and blog called Konkura was brought to my attention and I thought I would share the wealth! The site is a community of fitness enthusiasts engaging in friendly competition by posting challenges for a variety of sports or fitness activities. Activities range from the Royal Marine Challenge to the less […]

Pylata is coming to conquer and devour your fitness soul!

I cannot say enough about how excited I am about Pylata workouts! Pylata is my (Sean Vigue) advanced and extreme creation and aims to get serious athletes toned, stretched, and incredibly ripped in under 20 minutes. What is Pylata? Watch the preview here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cift7smacoCombine the Core blasting of Pilates with the interval intensity of Tabata […]

Making a new mix of rock and Pylata..!

Making a music mix for live fitness classes in an art form. Some of my mixes are legendary and can change humanity while others can bring down entire civilizations. This is some pretty serious stuff! I am making a very eclectic mix this evening to be used at Golds in the morning for my Power […]

Blogging is back! Pylata is here!

I have been so busy teaching, filming, editing, creating, mingling, strutting, singing, and hovering lately that my Blog has slipped a little. Not to worry…I shall be blogging much more often about all my exciting (and sometimes bland) fitness adventures. Yay! Cue trumpet… Finishing up my last week at Disney World teaching Pilates and Yoga. […]

Big Tuesday of Pilates and Yoga classes

I love Tuesdays! I get to teach several classes between Walt Disney World and Golds Gym Dr. Phillips and the people are always jacked to be there. Taught Pilates at Golds this morning for a class of 48 people. Wore my lucky blue tank top which helps me flow the classes. Did lots of abs, […]

Motley Fitness TV! #6: Small Town Workout

Filmed on location in West Salem, Wisconsin, Sean VIgue and Motley Fitness present the Small Town Workout. Sean Viguemotleyfitness@gmail.comwww.motleyfitness.com Did you like this? Share it: Tweet

You don’t have extreme mat-based fitness without Pylata!

Sean Vigue has created the most exciting new workout on the planet! Kiss the hot, crowded gym goodbye… It is called Pylata! What is it? An extreme combo of the Core blasting of Pilates and the interval intensity of Tabata. Finish this off with a muscle stretching Yoga cool down. All in under 15 minutes! […]

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Sean is back in Florida after a 2 week vacation!

I am back and so is my blog! Keep checking back for all things fitness, Pilates, Yoga, Tabata, MST3K, and so much more. Sean Viguemotleyfitness@gmail.comwww.motleyfitness.com Did you like this? Share it: Tweet

Motley Fitness is the present and future of fitness. REAL fitness.

Photo above is from the Motley Fitness German promo series. Got Core? Why do we spend gobs of money on your lawn, car, clothes, food, jewelry, and house and neglect our most important asset: our health? This thought runs through my head as I take my cherished night walks in my town. Beautiful homes are […]

Motley Boot Camp and Tabata DVD series coming next week! This will be out most advanced, muscle shredding, fat dissolving workout while being easy on the joints and adaptable anywhere! All Pilates and Yoga based exercises and all you need is a mat. Stay tuned for more info… Sean Viguemotleyfitness@gmail.comwww.motleyfitness.com Did you like this? Share […]