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Motley Fitness Boot Camp is HERE!

Here is the first in the Motley Fitness Boot Camp canon. Read below: Oh boy this workout is really going to blow your mind and rip the crud out of your muscles! Using only Pilates and Yoga based exercises (no weights, no machines, or any other object that you can trip over and impale yourself […]

Motley Abs Advanced workout series is here! Ab ripping excitement.

New series from Motley Fitness: Motley Abs! Take just five-minutes and put yourself through a full abdominal workout that focuses on working every muscle while practicing perfect form and control. Here is a link to the first video: Subscribe to my FREE workout Podcast and get this and several other Pilates and Yoga workouts […]

Motley Fitness is a life choice.

I am developing Motley Fitness into a fitness guide to a healthy, strong life. There are plenty of workouts on the market that will kick your butt into shape in a very short amount of time (and I have several workouts that will do the same) but the questions persists…where do I go after the […]