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Sean Vigue Reviews Konkura Challenges Blog

Recently, a new startup website and blog called Konkura was brought to my attention and I thought I would share the wealth! The site is a community of fitness enthusiasts engaging in friendly competition by posting challenges for a variety of sports or fitness activities. Activities range from the Royal Marine Challenge to the less […]

Motley Fitness is making any space a gym!

Motley Fitness is producing workouts for DVDs, Podcasts, youtube, blogs, and live classes so that belonging to someone else’s gym will be a thing of the past! Now you can take these effective and dynamic workouts with you everywhere and do them at anytime! We give you the tools and the guidance to create a […]

Revolutionary workout program coming soon from Motley Fitness!

Motley Fitness is putting together a full revolutionary workout program to keep you fit, toned, and healthy for life! Stay tuned for more info on this exciting new offering from the hottest new name in fitness: Motley Fitness All levels and ages will benefit. Got 20 minutes? We will give you the WORLD. Using all […]