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List of DVDs from Sean and Motley Fitness!

Motley Fitness offers a full line of dynamic Pilates and Yoga DVDs for all ages and fitness levels! All videos created by master fitness instructor Sean “Mr. Fitness” Vigue and focus on stretching, strengthening, and toning your entire body while releasing and focusing your mind. Visit for more info. Titles include: Yoga for the […]

10 Minute Pilates series coming from Sean Vigue and Motley Fitness!

I have a brand new workout series in the works called Ten Minute Pilates. This series will feature ten minutes of flowing mat based Pilates exercises to work your entire body! I will be debuting it on my FREE Podcast this week. Here is the link to my free Motley Podcast: The Motley Podcast […]

More from Motley Fitness in 2010!

Continuing on my last blog about what is happening now and in the future at Motley Fitness… ~More sport specific workout DVDs and Podcasts. Yoga for the Runner has just debuted and has been received extremely well so more are planned. Golf? Tennis? Rock climbing? Walking? In the works…it is the goal of Motley Fitness […]

Motley Fitness is a life choice.

I am developing Motley Fitness into a fitness guide to a healthy, strong life. There are plenty of workouts on the market that will kick your butt into shape in a very short amount of time (and I have several workouts that will do the same) but the questions persists…where do I go after the […]

Yoga for the Runner DVD in Post-Production!

Yes it is a fitness hungry world. I thought that as I watched the finishers of the Disney Marathon cross the line after a grueling 26.2 mile ordeal that demands powerful mind/body/spirit connection. As I watched them I noticed that most of them were not stretching…most of them were very stiff (understandable after 26.2 miles). […]

Full Teaser video for Yoga for the Runner from Sean Vigue and Motley Fitness! Enjoy and get ready to run like a pro…and better! Sean Did you like this? Share it: Tweet

We will be beginning the filming today of my next workout DVD bestseller: Yoga for Runners. This workout stars fitness model and marathoner Jillian Wilkerson! This DVD will feature three distinct Yoga workouts specifically designed for runners: one for after you run, one for anytime, and one to build lean muscle and strength in your […]