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NEW CAMERA and Power Pilates with Power Yoga FINISHER Workout

It’s an exciting day at Sean Vigue Fitness! Well, everyday we get to train and interact together is a noteworthy day, my friends….but now we’ll be doing it with a new camera! Please welcome the GoPro Hero 5 to our ever growing list of weapons in the war for improved health and fitness. I hope […]

Can you handle it? The ’30 min Power Yoga Workout’ from Sean Vigue Fitness!!

Whoa, I’m so excited to offer this new Power Yoga workout to you! I won’t say much other than make sure you look for my sweet puppy, Addie, at the end of the video. She always waits patiently for daddy to film his crazy workouts. Afterwords, we take a stroll around the gator filled lake […]