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Sean Vigue to Southwest Orlando Bulletin: Pilates Offers Unique Total-Body Benefits

Below is an editorial I wrote for the Southwest Orlando Bulletin’s 2012 Health and Fitness issue. If you are interested in learning more about the myriad of benefits Pilates offers, send me an email to Pilates Offers Unique Total-Body Benefits by Sean Vigue Sean Vigue Fitness 321-443-4411 It seems that everyone from Kim Kardashian […]

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Kim Kardashian and Sean Vigue are working for a fitter planet!

It seems Kim Kardashian is a practitioner of Pilates – the form of exercise I would recommend you take to a desert island (or tropical) if you only have one choice of workout. To be honest, I have never watched her show or even know what her show is…I prefer to watch The Simpsons or […]