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Sean Vigue Fitness Update 8/7/17

My friends, with so much happening at Sean Vigue Fitness I thought a video updating ya’ll would be appropriate. First of all, I hope you have been thoroughly enjoying (and sharing) our new 7 Day Beginner Yoga Challenge. Your feedback has been incredible and I’m fired up to offer this course for total beginners and […]

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Sean Vigue’s official 7 Day Yoga Challenge is Here! #7dayyogachallenge

My friends, thanks so much for making our premier 7 Day Yoga Challenge such a runaway success. Your comments and emails have motivated me to do more of these unique and diverse programs. Let me know another 7 day challenge you’d love for me to create on my YouTube channel. Comment below! STOP: If you’re […]

15 minute Yoga for Men Intermediate Routine with Sean Vigue

Here’s your new Intermediate Yoga for Men routine that will leave you stronger, leaner, more flexible and full of energy. This routine is great for women too. Did you try my Beginner Yoga for Men routine yet? Make sure you share this with all your friends (especially your guy friends) and get the new book […]

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The Perfect Beginner “Yoga for Men” Routine has Finally Arrived!

Click here to get your very own Yoga for Men Workout Cards The perfect beginner yoga routine for men has finally arrived! Make sure you show it lots of love with a Like, leave a Comment, Share it on and Subscribe to my YouTube channel. Need some new fitness reading? I have the perfect new […]

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SVF Unleashed in 10! Workout #2: Power Yoga Challenge

Welcome to SVF Unleashed in 10! workout #2: Power Yoga Challenge. Take your mind and body through 10 minutes of fat burning and muscle stretching yoga flows as you enjoy workout #2 in my exclusive YouTube workout program! Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to receive all 10 of these body transforming workouts right in your inbox […]

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SVF Unleashed in 10! Workout #1: Extreme Plank Challenge

Welcome to SVF Unleashed in 10! workout #1: Extreme Plank Challenge. Only available on my YouTube channel, this workout program features ten of the most challenging fat burning, muscle shredding 10 minute workouts you’ll ever do. Master the Extreme Plank Challenge below and share with all your workout buddies! Can they keep up with you? […]

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The Best 100 Yoga Poses for EVERYONE from Sean Vigue Fitness!

My friends, are you looking to add to your yoga inventory? Here’s 100 classic (and a few variations) yoga poses to include in your workouts! I did some research and figured these were the ones I have used most in my over 5000 live fitness classes. Need proper nutrition to make it through? Click here! […]

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The ‘Yoga for Men’ Workout from Sean Vigue Fitness!

It’s here! Guys – don’t fear the Yoga, embrace the Yoga. Embrace the flexibility, tone, strength, power, and balance it will give you now and for the rest of your life. Make Yoga your new friend before, during, or after your workouts…or, if you wanna get nuts, download my full one-hour Yoga for Men Workout! […]

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Check out my “Yoga for Men” feature on FOX 35 Orlando!

Thank you to everyone for making Yoga for Men such a fun video shoot! I have been working overtime to bring guys into the Yoga/Pilates world and stories like these really help. Thank you again and enjoy the video! Here is the link to watch the Yoga for Men” feature – CLICK HERE    You […]

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Watch for my Yoga for Men feature on FOX! Coming next week…

Hello there! I taped a Yoga for Men story for Fox 35 yesterday and had a great time! The story will be broadcast next week and I will make the link available on my blog. They got the inspiration for the story from this article:  Can’t wait till next week? Try my short Yoga for […]