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Sean Vigue’s ’60 Minute Complete Yoga Workout’ is all YOURS!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, my friends! As an early gift I went out and filmed a new ’60 Minute Complete Yoga Workout’ that we can keep close to us this month and into the new year. You can also get this kind of workout in book form to take anywhere and do anytime. Thanks […]

‘Sean’s Vault’ September Workout Calendar! Let’s Get Fit, Ripped & Healthy Together.

My friends and Sean’s Vault subscribers – here’s your brand new September workout calendar! Sean’s Vault is one of the only online training programs that is constantly adding new workouts…it’s a living, breathing fitness organism that promises the best results from the inside out. This workout calendar is for one month with the two week […]

HIIT, Rock Hard Abs and Total Body Stretch Challenges – All in One Blog!

Good day my friends! Warning – this blog may explode from too much kick ass fitness! I decided to combine 3 workouts from my new exclusive YouTube fitness channel series SVF Unleashed in 10! into one blog and damn the consequences. SVF Unleashed in 10! contains ten of the most challenging 10 minute workouts ever […]