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‘Sean’s Vault’ September Workout Calendar! Let’s Get Fit, Ripped & Healthy Together.

Make September the month for the greatest health and fitness of your life!
Make September the month for the greatest health and fitness of your life!

My friends and Sean’s Vault subscribers – here’s your brand new September workout calendar! Sean’s Vault is one of the only online training programs that is constantly adding new workouts…it’s a living, breathing fitness organism that promises the best results from the inside out. This workout calendar is for one month with the two week training schedule repeated once. We have so many complete workouts (50+) in the Vault that you can go for weeks without repeating a routine. Send pics of you killing these workouts and i’ll post them to my Facebook fitness page! Email->

Like before, I’ve added in beginner options as well as “extra credit” workouts that are linked directly to my YouTube channel so there is NO excuse for not working out with me everyday. This is your Complete Training Program! Feel free to add in your other workouts before, during or after the Vault sessions. Mix, match and keep shaking up your routines for maximum results! Always use control, modify as needed and listen to your body. Train smart and…watch for my premier fitness book coming to stores and online everywhere! Stay tune and fuel your body!

*Remember* Always use control & modify as needed!

Monday – Yoga day – week 1
Wildcard: Power Yoga for Athletes #1 – June
Yoga Shoulder and Chest Stretch – extra credit

Tuesday – Pilates day
The Summer Core Sizzler Workout – July
Beginner Option – Pilates/Core Workout – August, 2013

Wednesday – Cardio Fat Burning and Stretch
Cardio Kickboxing HIIT Workout – August 2014
Super Deep Yoga Stretch Routine – August 2014
Beginner Option – ‘Slow Burn’ Yoga Routine – November

Active recovery day. Do light cardio – walking, biking, working outside.
Stretching option – Rethink Your Yoga Workout – June

Friday – Power Yoga and Stretching
Yoga Fire Flow Workout – April
Lower Back Stretches
Beginner option – ‘Slow Burn’ Yoga Routine #2 – December

Saturday – Pilates and Core Burnout
The Core Training Workout Reborn – June
Need more? Hard Core Construction Workout – October
Beginner option – Classic Pilates Workout – September
Extra credit stretching option – Intermediate Stretching Routine

Active recovery day. Do light cardio, eat healthy and get ready for Monday!
Stretching option – Yoga in the Park – October

Monday – Cardio Core with lots of Sweat and Stretching – week 2
HIIT and Tabatas are Forever – July
Extra credit – ‘Rock Your Legs and Shoulders’ Pilates Workout – August 2014
Super Stretch Routine for the Finisher
Beginner option: Slow Burn Yoga Routine – November

Tuesday – Yoga and Deep Stretching
Wildcard: ‘Fountain of Youth’ Stretch Routine – February
Extra credit: 15 minute Low Back and Hip Stretch

Wednesday – Pilates Total Body Plank Workout!
Pylata: ‘Death by Plank’ September 2013
Still alive? Do this: Wildcard: The Classic Joseph Pilates ‘Contrology’ Workout – July
Need a little stretching? Total Body Stretch

Active Recovery Day. Do light cardio, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and get ready for 3 days of total body transformation!
Stretching Option – Wildcard: Super Deep Yoga Stretch Routine – August 2014

Friday – Power Yoga and Cardio
‘Rock Your Body’ Yoga Workout for Weight Loss – August 2014
Extra credit: Fat Burning Hot Summer Body Workout – March
Beginner option: Slow Burn Yoga Routine #2 – December

Saturday – Cardio Core Burnout!!
HIIT, Weights, Push-Ups, Squats and Core, Oh My! – May
Core Training Workout REBORN – June
Extra credit stretch: 15 minute Yoga Stretch

Sunday – Rest or Power Yoga
Yoga option: Warrior Yoga Workout – February
Killer Core Extra Credit (can you handle it?!) – The 27 minute Core Workout

Congrats, you made it! Celebrate with some healthy food, good friends and take photos of your progress and email them to me! Repeat the 2 weeks one more time and await your workout schedule for next month. Spread the word and send me pics of you killing these workouts so I can post them on my facebook fitness page!

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