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I can take some classes the next couple weeks!

Friends, clients, Dutch people!

I finished up my latest Disney sessions this week (continuing in June) and that has freed me up to take some classes for myself!! I never have time to attend other classes because I teach on average about 20 group fitness classes per week. I have been doing this consistently for over the last 4 years! Can you dig that? Mr. Fitness is serious about this stuff. That is why it says “Trainer to Thousands!” on my business cards and web-page. Last year alone I had around 10,000 people attend my classes! What an awesome line of work to be in and this is only the beginning. Only the start of the revolution.

Anyway…I attended a Spinning (RPM) class last night and tonight at Celebration Fitness and enjoyed myself. It has made me really miss teaching my own Wednesday night class there in the old Spinning room. Now classes are held in the large aerobic studio and it just doesn’t work for Spinning. Too many distractions: the room is really warm, too bright, the music echoes off the walls, people lining up outside for the next class are distracting, the bikes are so tightly put together you can barely move…oh well. The instructors (Chris and Ernesta) were awesome as always. I believe Spinning should be done in a dark room. The darker the better. No distractions so you can delve into the Spinning Zone.

One more class this week and then more time to enjoy life and finish my Wyatt Earp biography.

Song of the Day: Ooh La La by Faces

I first heard this song during the end credits of one of my favorite movies Rushmore and it enchanted me! Faces features a very young Rod Stewart before he went solo and ripped out his vocal chords. Very introspective song for guys who were so young. I love it and plan to use it in one of my classes soon. Music is something that kicks us in the ass to go out and do something great.

Great week. Great times. Great commitment from my clients. Taught Pilates at Golds this morning and felt sooooo good about it! Everything was clicking beautifully as we flowed from exercise to exercise. The energy was sizzling and my head was clear and true throughout. Teaching is performing. If you are not really into it why should the people who have come to class follow you? Why should they give a crap? I have taken classes where the instructor bored the %@$# out of me and I left feeling annoyed…a great opportunity to elevate everyone in the room had been squandered. I want to mainline the health right into your vein when you come to class! Right in the vein!!

Sleep tight…

Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Thousands!”

Michael: Are you serious?
Wayne Jarvis: Almost always. I was once voted the worst audience participant Cirque Du Soleil ever had.

From Arrested Development

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