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I should have drove all night…

Only two days left before my Wisconsin adventure! Every year I make my pilgrimage to the motherland of Wisconsin for an early summer vacation. This includes June Dairy Days, frequent trips to Linda’s Bakery, mowing the yard while my dad tells me how, going with my mom to the bars of West Salem and talking about what certain coaches should have done, feasting on sushi and Mexican food with my sister and brother-in-law Timmm, taking some fun Yogalates classes at the high school with some of my old classmates, and enjoying the beautiful countryside. Yes it is all good! Central Florida can erode the soul after awhile and I enjoy opportunities to go somewhere where there are hills, little traffic, and not so many Walgreens.

My schedule is winding down until I get back with only a few classes remaining. I was at Golds this morning for Pilates and got to speak with my good friend Jeff who is the group fitness manager. We spoke for about two hours and would have spoken much longer but we both had to pee and go. I could talk about group fitness and all the curiosities for hours. Such an interesting and ever changing line of work. Awesome! Oh and the class went very well too.

I beat everyone up tonight in my Power Yoga class at Golds too. Full house and I threw in lots of challenging balance poses. It is always interesting to look out and see so many people hopping around (-: Balance is earned and never given. So is life. Practice. Patience. Consistency. Keep striving and you will always improve and expand. Give up and you will never unlock those doors. We also had plenty of Vinyasa Flows and Warriors to be sure. Can’t have a Yoga class without those. I feel spent. Need to recharge my teaching batteries over my vacation and come back even stronger. Since January I have been doing around 20 classes per week with only a very small vacation. Need to refocus my energy so I may offer the best classes I can. Simple as that.

Song of the Day: Misunderstood by Bon Jovi

I am a dork. I used this song a couple months ago but I had it on in the car today driving to Yoga and it made me sing like hell and drive like a champ! It is on one of my past Pilates mixes and I am flirting with putting it on a new one. Blasphemy!! I never duplicate songs for Pilates because the pool I pull from is sooooo large (that’s what she said!). Great song. It starts right after the first guitar chord is strummed and means business. What kind of business? Advertising? Accounting? You decide.

It is late and I am rambling…or am I?

Over 300 classes taught in 2009 so far! Let’s add many more to that and make sure they are of the highest quality. Anything less than that would be a complete waste of our time and spirit.

I’ll leave the light on for ya!

Andre Vigue
“Trainer to Ants!”

You all know him as Joe the Policeman from the What’s Goin’ Down episode of That’s My Momma.
~Reverend Brown in Coming to America

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