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It’s raining on my Pilates mat…

I love a rainy night or so sang Eddie Rabbit? Rabbit? Strange name. When you say his full name it sounds fine…but take away the Eddie and the Rabbit part sounds suspect. It has been raining here in central Florida for over 2 days now. The rain saps my energy and I feel like laying on my couch and watching a Disney movie. Oh well…

Finished up all of my Disney classes yesterday and don’t start up there until June so my schedule is slightly lighter. Big power yoga class tonight in Dr. Phillips at Golds despite the rain. The rain will not keep serious yogis out of class damn it! I came to class this evening armed with some new sequences and poses to fling at them. One sequence is called Snake and it is a flow that includes down dog, dolphin, plank and up dog. You want to tone and strengthen your entire body? Do the Snake. If you see me in public yell “do the snake!!” and I will get down on the floor and do it with style. Also threw in half-moon and revolving half-moon poses which can be very challenging. Crow was also tossed out there and was grabbed and mastered with panache. All in all it was a great class and an unforgettable experience! Love what I do. Love it to pieces. Come to class and you will love it too!

I participated in a wellness celebration at Epcot yesterday for cast members and had a great time. Got to promote my classes on property and meet lots of cool people. Also got to use my German and French with the international employees. I always wanted to teach an entire class in German but have never found an all German class. Joseph Pilates was German after all so it seems logical. I am very proud and pleased to have taught hundreds and hundreds of classes on Disney property.

Song of the Day: Be Near Me by ABC

Love me some ABC! So damn catchy I want to put my face in a bucket of jello for three days. I will spend the next 2 hours thinking if this is a good thing. ABC has got style and such a glossy, smooth sound that makes them impossible to ignore. They have been put to good use in my Pilates classes. Also good for walking, strolling and sauntering. Don’t use if rambling.

I could write more but need rest. I am STILL sore from that PiYo certification on Sunday. Holding a Hover for 4 minutes will do that to Mr. Fitness.

Thanks to everyone for great attendance again this week and let me know if you ever have questions…about anything!

Sean Vigue
“Changing the world one body at a time!”

All my dreams came true last night
All my hopes and fears
All my dreams came true once more
In tears, in tears
Be near me, be near, be near...

From Be Near Me by ABC

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