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My love affair with West Salem

Picture on right was taken on the La Crosse bike trail yesterday. I am riding my sister’s very sexy beach cruiser “Pee Wee Herman” model.

As I prepare to leave this wonderful town and head back to the crowded, congested, loud streets of central Florida I look back with such affection at this beautiful town nestled in the rolling hills of southwest Wisconsin. That was a very long sentence. To show my appreciation for all this town has given me I have composed a list.

Why I love West Salem by Sean Vigue

~People mow their lawns every other day. Seriously. Today I saw someone finish and then they decided to go around again.
~There is a dog in every house AND every car. Some are even living in mailboxes and flower pots.
~Linda’s Bakery…but you probably guessed that if you have gazed upon my recent pictures. I love walking out there in the morning and meeting my family for a delightful romp of chatter, eating and making fun of people. It is what we French people do.
~The people are always very nice and efficient.
~Lots of camo. I love to wear camo so I feel like family.
~The mascot of West Salem is the Panthers. I have NEVER seen a panther in this town.
~Walking to the high school to take a Yogalates class or lift some weights. It is a beautiful addition to the school and uber cheap…$2 a pop. Nice. I always see former teachers walking on the indoor track and I take the time to apologize for being such a shit in their classes. They usually laugh and say I wasn’t that bad…then when I turn around they try to push me down the stairs.
~The smells. Can’t explain them but they are intoxicating. I am a night walk junkie and you cannot imagine the smells I encounter during these walks. You want world peace? Make night walks mandatory. They will save your life and clear you soul. I blame Bush for night walks.
~If you don’t drive a Buick you are glared at.
~I love to walk by a bar downtown called Kromes. Kromes has very high windows so I go by everyone and jump up so my face appears briefly in the window. I repeat this several times and laugh. Why do I do this? Why not?
~I see two seasons here in a year: dead of winter and the beginning of summer. Amazing to see the difference. When I left last Christmas it was just after an intense ice storm. So amazing!
~Did I mention how much people mow here? I did? Oh…OK. Don’t want to repeat myself.
~The unholy obsession with the Packers.
~Wide open fields that I can tinkle on at night.

Let’s leave it there. There are many more reasons but I am becoming tired. More to follow…

Song of the Day: Sweet Soul Sister by The Cult

Another Cult hit! Check it out. Smooth and sleazy. Dirty and clean. This band defies itself with each song.

Going to sleep and dream of the perfect Vinyasa Flow.

Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Thousands!”

Come on little honey
Come on now please
Come on little honey and dance with me

Sweet soul sister
Keep on pushing til the dawn
Sweet soul sister
Forever dancing on and on

~Sweet Soul Sister by The Cult

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