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My Top 10 Workouts of 2013!

Happy New Year from Sean Vigue Fitness!
Happy New Year from Sean Vigue Fitness!

Happy New Year my friends!

What a year it has been! It’s hard to believe that in a couple days we’ll be saying Happy New Year and learning how to write “2014” on our checks. Some notable events from 2013 include: launching my online workout program Sean’s Vault, getting a major book deal (more info asap), watching my Pilates for Men DVD become an international bestseller, appearing alongside Juliette Binoche on the big screen and so much more! I’ve barely had a moment to come up for air this year and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here are my top 10 favorite workout videos from the Sean Vigue Fitness YouTube channel of 2013. It’s my passion to produce the best content possible for you and these specific videos received a lot of feedback this year. It was tough to select only ten. I’m eternally grateful for your support, love and, most of all, giving me the opportunity to share your fitness journey with you. We do great things together! God bless you.

10. The Perfect Pilates Workout. Why not start with the perfect 8 minute Beginner Pilates routine!

9. Yoga for Beginners 30 minute Class I really immersed myself in this flow because I didn’t have to talk. I did the voice over later 😉

8. The 100 Squat EXPLOSIVE Challenge This was the first leg workout video i’ve done and you guys LOVED it! You must love how it makes your legs and butt look!

7. Power Yoga for Athletes You guys really let this workout kick your butt!

6. The 12 minute Killer Core Workout This is the shorter sequel to my massive “20 minute Killer Core Workout Video” AND the first time my dog Addie joined me on a video shoot 🙂

5. The 100 Best Yoga Poses What can I say about this video? I love yoga and want to share it with you. Also, the scene at 4:31 is my absolute favorite of the year 🙂

4. Hard Abs for Beginners Many began their obsession for my core workouts with this video!

3. Power Core Yoga Workout This workout is all about strength, power and endurance. If you made it through you’re in pretty damn good shape my friend!

2. Plank or Die Challenge! What causes more sweat, pain and reward than holding a Plank for 5 minutes? Hmmm, I can’t think of anything. I got a TON of emails from people taking this challenge.

1. Spartan 300 Rep Workout in Real Time I’ve filmed over 700 workout videos the last 4 years. This one was the most challenging i’ve ever done. I think I cried a little at the end from joy, not pain 😉

And that’s your top 10 for the year! Did I miss any that you really loved?

Thank you again for such an incredible year! I promise to continue helping, coaching, kicking your butt and giving all that I can to make sure your building the body and mind of your dreams. I’m always here for you. Spread the word 🙂


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