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Saturday in the Park…where have I been?

Hello one and all….is anybody there? The blog is back after a few days break to rest my fingers from all this ferocious typing. Hmmmm….

Just went to my first ever craw fish boil and have a tummy ache. Too much craw fish will do that to a person.

So I taught 18 one-hour + fitness classes this week! What a week! I am now officially off the clock until Monday. In my hey day (2 years ago) I was crazy enough to teach around 25 classes a week until my body turned to dust one day so I was forced to cut back. 25 classes??? Is that insane or what? It proves my motto of Have Mat Will Travel! Love teaching the classes and business keeps increasing as the word of how beneficial they are drifts across the continent. You can’t keep this kind of fitness and excitement down…it keeps moving and winning more and more and more converts. I dare you to take a class and convince yourself that your life would be better without it. Go ahead….try it!!

So my last ever Wednesday evening Spinning class was last Wednesday at Celebration Fitness. After 4 years on the bike the class will drift into oblivion only to re-emerge in stories, poems and movies about the class. I am very proud and grateful to have shared the Spinning room with so many fitness hungry clients and I can honestly say that I busted my ass each and every class to give people all that I could. Go hard and fast or get the hell out of there! I was told that my class was all about Power riding. Total strength. I would ground people down into powder format and then build them back up by the end of class. It’s a lot better than it sounds. I made a Spinning Final mix for the occasion. It was loaded with lots of Offspring, Crue, Lady Gaga, Van Halen. Loud, hard, and fast! (that’s what she said!) So I bid adieu to my Spinning class and look forward to the exciting fitness future.

The best Spinning song ever: Red Hot by Motley Crue

Loud, hot, filthy, sleazy, driving, sweaty, and throbbing…what else do you want in a Spinning song?

Song of the Day: House of Pain by Van Halen

Old Van Halen and I used it for the warm-up recently in Spinning. Great guitar riffs. Great David Lee Roth. Hell, it’s Van Halen what more do you want?? It will rock your socks and put a spring in your step.

Had to tell a couple guys in my Gold’s Pilates class to be quite yesterday or all the ladies in the class were going to “kill them”. It worked. You don’t talk loud in my class and disturb people. Get the hell out!! Oh yes.

What a week! Amazing. Blessed. Grateful. Next week shall rock even harder and that is a promise.

Pic is before my last Spinning class. Bad lighting.

Chat soon!

Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Thousands!”

Anger is a short madness.

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