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We have hit the halfway point of the week and things are running smoothly on my end. Classes have been going so well these past couple weeks and I credit to all of my amazing clients who keep coming back for more and more and more…new clients are also added every week and that really keeps me on my toes.
It is the second week of my latest eight-week session at Walt Disney World where I teach five days a week to the cast members. Had my second class at Disney University this evening and was very happy because we got a much larger room than last week. There are so many people there that hunger for these Pilates classes so adequate space must be provided. The rest of the Disney classes at Feature Animation and Imagineering have been so much fun I wonder why they pay me.
Power Yoga at Golds last night was on FIRE! Packed room or yoga hungry freaks who would Vinyasa flow for two weeks if I let them. Seriously my whole weekly mood is sometimes based on the power yoga class at Golds Gym Dr. Phillips every Tuesday night. I started that class a year ago and it was a new night and a new time. Also that gym had known only 1 yoga instructor since it opened several years ago so the members were very loyal to him. I started with around 15-20 people per class and was rather nervous in the beginning., Now we are topping out around 50 per class and we are all having the time of our life!! I feel proud of beating the hell out of everyone last night with some real powerful music playing through the Gold’s speakers. Crow. Half-Moon. Vinyasa. Warrior 3. Hovers. These are a few of the challenging and exciting poses that were weaved through the class last night. Well enough about that class…until next week!
Song of the Day: Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
Obviously with the passing of the King of Pop this song must be recognized. I am using this week as the opener in Pilates. RIP Mr. Jackson.
I filmed an intro video for my web-page this week. Check it out!
The big news is that I am creating and filming Pilates/Yoga workout videos which will be available online and to buy on DVD!! Saturday I will be filming a 5-10 minute Pilates video which will be available to use by the end of the weekend! Gotta get them out there ASAP.
Many classes tomorrow as well as an audition for the Jedi Master in the Jedi Training Academy Show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! SO excited. Will I sleep?
Sleep tight….
Typed from my new MacBook Pro.
Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Thousands!”
“Your eyes can deceive you. Don’t trust them.”
~Obi Wan from Star Wars: A New Hope

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