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My “Butts and Guts” Cardio Leg Workout will have you Screaming for Mercy!

Based on a very popular class here in Colorado, “Butts and Guts” is all about working your butt (duh), legs, core, heart and everything else. Grab a bottle of water and let’s get sweaty. Have you read any good fitness books lately? I recommend getting this one šŸ˜‰ Please Like, Comment and Share with your […]

Laura London and Sean Vigue – Cardio Core Workout!

My friends, I had the honor of doing a Cardio Core workout collaboration with the fabulous Laura London of LauraLondonFitness.com! Check out both versions below and make sure you check out her page for all the exciting fitness events she’s got going on! Here’s the version on my channel: Here’s the version on Laura’s channel: […]

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My HIIT Cardio Core Challenge will RIP your Muscles to Shreds!! SVF Unleashed Workout #8

My friends, I give to you workout #8 in SVF Unleashed in 10!: HIIT Cardio Core Workout! Not much to say about this killer so make sure you’re Subscribed to my You Tube channel to get every episode! Please comment when you make it all the way through without stoppingā€¦Lord knows I almost didn’t! Enjoy […]

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DEATH by Burpees Workout has arrived! SVF Unleashed in 10!

My friends, You knew this video was going to make an appearance in SVF Unleashed in 10! You knew that sooner or later I would have to feature the exercise that builds strength, endurance, weight loss, balance, core power and anaerobic capacity. This all powerful exercise? Why, it’s the Burpee! Subscribe NOW so you don’t […]

HIIT, Rock Hard Abs and Total Body Stretch Challenges – All in One Blog!

Good day my friends! Warning – this blog may explode from too much kick ass fitness! I decided to combine 3 workouts from my new exclusive YouTube fitness channel series SVF Unleashed in 10! into one blog and damn the consequences. SVF Unleashed in 10! contains ten of the most challenging 10 minute workouts ever […]

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Sean Vigue’s 34 Best Bodyweight Exercises EVER! part 1

You love lists. I love lists. WE love lists. Here is a list of 34 killer bodyweight only exercises. That means NO equipment, NO tools, NO gym, NO bands, NO trampolinesā€¦nothing but you, oxygen and the earth. If you love this keep watching for a part 2 (and 3,4,5,6, etc). There’s no end to bodyweight […]

EXTREME Home Fat Blasting Workout from Sean Vigue Fitness!

Do you have what it takes to survive my EXTREME Home Fat Blasting Workout?! You have 4 exercises that are to be done for 30 seconds with minimal rest in-between. Take a quick break between sets and repeat 3-4 times for MAXIMUM muscle shredding & weight loss! Share your thoughts and join my official Facebook […]